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GNU Project / Free Software / Fun

GNU Project - gnu.org

Arch Linux

Linux Mint



Graph - A 2-D Graphing Utility

Oolite [Object oriented (E)lite] Remake of the classic space game

Oolite Forums

Harmless Lion

Pictures - Marcas, Debra, Myself & Family

(You're on your own as far as finding anything – just browse the directories)

Picture Folders

Science and Math

Dr Bronner's Magic Soapbox film trailer

John Seymour's School of Self-Sufficiency

Some of My Own Padowan Graph Files

Circumstellar Habital Zone Simulator

HIP Star List

Quantum Tunneling

Nikola Tesla's Wireless Electricity

More Fun

Robert Lock | YouTube

Some Computing Twinkly Goodness

Linux Fun

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Coasters

(There might be one or two coasters from the original game that sneaked in there, but otherwise custom coasters I've built for RCT 3)


Kongzi said: "Do not be concerned that you lack official position,

but rather concern yourself with the means by which you might take your stand.

Do not be concerned that no one has heard of you,

but rather strive to become a person worthy of being known." - Analects 4.14


"...The workings of nature have been in existance since long before man was around to observe them. Let us now stop, think, and respect that fact. When man finally did arrive, he fell naturally into step with nature and her methods. He didn't know what his part was in the scheme; he only recently has come to recognize the scheme itself. But he learned which plants were good to eat, and which were not. He learned which animals could be tamed, used as food, and even clothing and work sources. Man also learned which plants could be used as medicine, and in what combinations. He learned that some plants affected his mind, as well as his body. An admirable society is one which has realized that these plants are to be regarded with great respect, and not as the means to escape from the drudgeries of mere survival. In a society where all physical [needs] are satisfied, these special plants are then used as an additional stimulus to the process of thinking. And the thinking man is a moderate man, and comes to recongize the absurdity of unnecessary gorging..."

From Chuck Pendergast's "Organic Gardening", Published 1971 by Nash Publishing



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